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In-Depth Overview Of Services


Service Areas

We currently service Aurora, Naperville, Oswege, Montgomery and Plainfield residents. If you are located elsewhere give us a shout and we can work something out. If the distance is to far for us to travel we will recommend one of our highly qualified competitors. 

We Scoop Poop Year Round

Here at Poo HQ we service year round. Yes, winter included. Many people think the service isn't necessary during the winter months, but the fact is your dogs poop all year round. One to two poop piles a day can sure add up over those winter months and accumulate into one big mess come spring and that's just one dog worth. 

**Keep in mind, in cases of sever weather including, but not limited to, heavy consistent rains, heavy snow with accumulations, freezing temperatures, flooding we may need to reschedule. 

We Sanitize After Each Service

We all know that dog poop can be messy and can come in many shapes and sizes, but did you know that dog poop, according to the EPA, is as toxic as oil and chemical spills? Yes, you heard that right! Many dogs owners believe that their dogs poop makes a good fertilizer for their lawns. This couldn't be farther from the truth. 1 gram of dog poop can contain upwards of 23 million dangerous fecal bacteria and viruses. When not picked up, these bacteria can easily spread from yard to yard and from pet to pet.

We take this very seriously and eliminate the spread of these dangerous viruses and bacteria by thoroughly cleaning our shoes and tools after each cleaning, thus eliminating the transportation of these viruses and bacteria from one home to another. 

**We use kennel grade disinfectant on our shoes and tools after each cleaning to eliminate this threat. 

Customer Service Is Our Main Priority

Here at Poo HQ we understand that your paying us for a service and you better believe your getting your moneys worth! We pride ourselves on delivering you the highest quality Poop Scooping Service around. Were so confident in our quality of work that we offer a 100% money back guarantee for a service if you feel that we didn't do our best. 

**If you have any complaints or ideas on how we can do a better job, were all ears! We are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve our services so that we can give you the best possible experience.

No Contracts

Some Pet Waste Removal Businesses may make their clients sign contracts but Poo HQ doesn't. As discussed above, we hold ourselves to a high standard and fully stand behind our work. With our attention to detail, reliability and our outstanding customer service we believe that you'll see the real value in our service  and trust that we'll continue to exceed your expectations.


New Customer FAQ's Sheet

Our Process For New Customers

First off, let me start of by saying thank you for trusting Poo HQ as your Pet Waste Removal Service. We value all of our customers and their furry friends and make it our mission to deliver you and your pets the highest quality service and a company you can be proud to work with.

This section is designed to answer majority of your questions and give you an idea of what we need from you to keep your yard clean and fresh. 


How do I pay and when are payments due?

We currently use Paypal for our billing, but we realize not all customers have a Paypal account. If you need to use another method of payment just let us know.

We bill after the services are complete. We bill on a monthly basis. 

Invoices will be sent out at the end of the month and will have a payment due date of the 15th of the following month. 

A $5.00 late fee will apply for all payments made after the 15th day of the following month.

Are there any contracts?

No, we at Poo HQ do not require contracts and there is no minimum service period. You can start and stop at any time. All that we ask is that you give us 48 hours notice of the scheduled service day to cancel. 

What do you do with the dog poop?

We will double bag your pets waste and leave it in your trash can or in a pre designated area of your choice.

What does your company mean by "Satisfaction Guaranteed"?

Our mission is to provide you with a service that you can be proud of. Our business depends on your satisfaction with our services. We would be doing you a disservice by providing you anything less than an exceptional quality of work. If there is ever a time where our business is less than completely satisfactory or if by any chance we missed a pile please let us know immediately and we will make it right. We will be back out to your yard within 24 hours or we will not charge you for the service. 

Why is there an "Initial Cleaning Fee"?

Many times our new clients yards may not have been cleaned for quite some time. This is completely understandable as some people may be busy with their everyday lives, physically unable to or just can't stomach the job! For reasons such as these, some yards may take a lot longer to clean and will require more resources to get the job done. 

Does my grass need to be cut and/ or does the leaves in the yard need to be raked?

We can only clean what we see. Although we pride ourselves on being able to find all of the piles of poop in your yard,  if your grass is too long we cannot promise that we will be able to find every pile. Same goes for leaves in the yard. Poop does an exceptional job of blending in with leaves. We ask that our customers have their yards cut weekly (if possible) and leaves cleaned regularly so that we can properly clean your yards. 

**If we come out for a scheduled cleaning and are unable to clean your yard due to exceptionally long grass or excessive amounts of leaves you will still be billed a cleanup fee. This is because we expect to pickup twice the amount of poop the following visit and for our loss of time. First time offenses are granted a pass at no charge!

Does my gate need to be unlocked?

Yes, we request that your gate either be unlocked or a combination be given to us for easier entry. We do not take spare keys for locks because we may end up with too many keys and this can create some major confusion!

We know how to jump fences, but for our safety and the safety of your fence we unfortunately will not do this.

**If we cannot access your yard because of a locked gate we will knock on your door to ask that you unlock it for us. If nobody is available to unlock the gate and we are unable to perform our scheduled cleaning you will still be billed a cleanup fee. The reason for this is because we expect to pick up twice the amount of poop the following week and for the time spent trying to get into your yard. First time offenses are granted a pass at no charge!

Do my dog(s) need to be kept inside during cleanup?

We love dogs, which is one of the reasons why we started this business. In some instances we may ask that you leave your dogs inside during cleanings. These would be for aggressive dogs, which does not mean any dog breed in particular. (My wife and I have two dachshunds and although they are small and innocent looking  there is no way they would let some strange human into their yard wielding a bright yellow dustpan and a rake!) If you know that your dog is a bit more territorial we would please ask that you leave them indoors during cleanings. If your dog(s) are friendly then by all means leave them out . We would love to interact with them and give them pets and belly rubs!

**If we cannot gain access to your yard due to us feeling threatened by your dog we will knock on your door and ask that you let your furry friend indoors while we clean. If nobody is available to let your pup inside we will have to postpone cleaning till the following scheduled cleaning. You will still be billed a cleaning fee for the missed cleaning because we expect there to be twice the amount of poop during the next scheduled cleaning and for our loss of time. First time offenses are granted a pass at no charge!

Leave Us A Reivew!

We here at Poo HQ value your feedback. If you feel that  we do an outstanding job of keeping your yards clean we would love it if you leave us a review and share your experience!