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About Us


Who We Are

Poo HQ is a Veteran Owned & Operated Family business made up of dog lovers just like you! 

Started by Tony and Melanie Iaconelli in May, 2019. We came to the realization that everyone loves their dogs, but not everyone enjoys cleaning up after them! 

Picking up your dogs poop is not a difficult task. If done regularly it is somewhat manageable. The problem with doing it is that it's just not an enjoyable chore.

 It smells bad, its messy, it takes focus (have to avoid stepping in it) and its time consuming. It's just not something many people say to themselves, "Gosh, I just cant wait to go scoop that poop!"

As dog owners ourselves, we understand firsthand how difficult maintaining your yard can be. Although we only have two small Dachshunds (Frank & Beans) they make up for their size in the piles they leave in our back yard. 

Our dogs are like children to us and we spoil them as such. We also take pride in our yard. We spend alot of time in our backyard and our dogs do as well. The last thing we want to worry about is having a yard that we are unable to enjoy, or worse, use due to it being riddled with those dirty little poop piles. 

Poo HQ was started for the sole purpose of providing dog owners with a service that takes away the headache. A service that does the dirty work for you. Most importantly, it's a service that saves you a little bit more of your already precious time. 

It's time you stopped worrying about finding the time to clean your yard and started worrying about what your going to do with that extra time! It's time to take back that yard of yours and start enjoying it!

Let us take care of your dogs business.

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